A brief summary of Hyperfest.
  • Walking there, you could tell who was going. All you needed to look for was cut off shortz && bras used as shirts.
  • Waiting in line, easily recognisable music tastes just by eavesdropping
  • Inside, judgement & labeling (dero, hipster, slut, MCSLURRIES) & a spot of shopping and man-hunting.
  • Antonio Paul, wonderful amazing & the base player said i could have his man quiff if he died, i want to marry that man,
  • Brow Horn, front of mosh. Gave Lyndon(violinest & bass player? ) nutella in exchange for a set list.
  • Wandering, more judgement & labeling as more people turned up
  • Casually walking from stage to stage, finding Architecture in Helsinki and getting photos with them. They’re so nice.
  •  Illy moshpit, horrible. Went in to get a good place for Architecture, instead being stuck in a smelly mosh pit with people singing ‘the chase’
  • Architecture in Helsinki, AMAZING but full of mean bitches who i’m guessing have never been to an actual nice festival ever. 
  • The happy ending, two of my friends found someone tonight. I am so envious. Met Architecture in Helsinki again and had a chat with them and they signed my shirt. Met up with my friend and his sister at the train station and came home to a bowl of bacon? and i weighed my self and i lost 3 kilos!

how was your night?

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